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UNITI expo 2022: Alternative fuels at the helm

Alternative and cleaner fuels that help reduce CO2 emissions will be at the center of this year’s event, showcased by suppliers, associations and retailers

[18 March 2022] – Cleaner forms of fuels have become increasingly important to the industry as the need to reduce CO2 emissions from the transport sector becomes clearer. Service stations are becoming multi-energy stations with a mosaic of solutions. Once again UNITI expo will explore all solutions available in an Alternative fuels Pavilion. Suppliers, associations and retailers will showcase the latest developments in biofuels, hydrogen, RNG, CNG & LNG, e-fuels and e-mobility, and how will they affect the retail business around the world.

Visitors and exhibitors can expect a host of sessions exploring the subject during UNITI expo 2022 as part of its conference programme. Industry leaders will get together to discuss the challenges, viability and opportunities of a transition to cleaner fuels. There will also be examples from around the world to help educate suppliers and retailers on this complex but essential subject.

Following its debut and success in the last edition, UNITI expo 2022 will feature an exclusive pavilion on the theme of alternative fuels. On an area of approximately 400 m², located in Hall 1 and close to the main entrance of Messe Stuttgart, visitors from all over the world will have the chance to stay ahead of the curve through best-in-class examples and knowledge.

Due to the results of the previous edition, the event decided to almost triple its original space and relocate it to an area that will multiply its visibility. Manufacturers, suppliers and representatives from innovative companies will showcase their newest products and ideas at the dedicated area. Industry associations will also be present at the pavilion to add to the discussion and assessing initiatives presented at the fair.

One of the participants of this year’s Alternative Fuels Pavilion will be global fuel and convenience retailer Circle K. The innovative company, a leader in the e-mobility space, will showcase their solutions for methanol-powered vehicles, another promising fuel for the future.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to showcase our latest sustainable fuel concept, in line with Circle K’s commitment to be part of the solution for a sustainable future,” says Sjur Haugen, Director Product Quality & Development for Circle K. “In close cooperation with GEELY, OCI, EuropeanEnergy and Malte Fuel & Wash we are exhibiting Methanol as a realistic carbon neutral fuel solution at the alternative fuels pavilion during UNITI expo in May.”

No expert from the industry will want to miss the opportunity to dive into this innovative pavilion that provides a comprehensive scope of the industry. If you wish to be part of the latest alternative fuels discussions and breakthroughs in the leading retail petroleum and car wash trade fair in Europe you can contact our team at and register to participate.

Stay tuned for new press releases in the coming weeks with news and special pieces about UNITI expo 2022.