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Review of UNITI expo 2016
A look back at UNITI expo

In its second edition, UNITI expo has proven its role as leading European trade fair of the retail petroleum and carwash industry. Uniquely structured into subject-specific themed areas, UNITI expo covered all areas of the industry on a 35,000 sqm exhibition space. With a total of 425 exhibitors from 36 countries as well as more than 15,000 attendees from over 110 countries, UNITI expo 2016 has been branded a great success by organizers, exhibitors and visitors alike.

UNITI expo 2016 - The exhibitors

With approximately 40% of international visitors from 6 continents and exhibitors from 36 countries, UNITI expo has become the world’s most international trade fair of the industry.

UNITI expo 2016 - The Attendees

The integration of subject-specific forums directly into the exhibition halls was particularly popular with visitors and exhibitors alike. In three forums – International Forum, Carwash Forum and Shop & Convenience Forum – all participants had the opportunity to inform themselves in numerous lectures and presentations on the latest trends and issues of the industry.

Visitors and exhibitors Statements

Otto Christ, Alexander Christ, CEO/Vorstand

"Wir waren 2014 dabei und sind jetzt zum zweiten Mal hier und unsere Erwartungen wurden nicht enttäuscht, sondern ganz im Gegenteil:  Wir haben mehr Informationen, mehr Interessenten und mehr Kundenkontakte als vor zwei Jahren. Wir haben hier viele Kunden aus dem In- und Ausland, ein höher prozentueller Anteil von Kunden aus Österreich, Schweiz, Skandinavien, Südeuropa und teilweise aus Übersee. Das Feedback für uns ist gut. Wir denken dass die UNITI expo, so auch der Respond von unseren Kunden – die Leitmesse wird für die nächsten Jahre, dahingehend sind wir sicher, dass wir in den nächsten Jahren auch wieder dabei sein werden."

"We were here in 2014 and this is our second time. Our expectations have not been let down. On the contrary, we have more information, more prospects and more customer contacts than two years ago. There are more customers from all over the world, with a higher percentage share of customers from Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Southern Europe and some from abroad. The feedback is really good for us. We think, and this is also according to our customers’ response, that UNITI expo will be the leading trade fair for the next years. Therefore, we are sure to come back in the next years."

Impressions of UNITI expo 2016