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Visitors and exhibitors Statements
Voices regarding UNITI expo 2018

Adolf Präg GmbH & Co. KG, Gerd Deisenhofer, Partner

"A huge success, I'm thrilled when I see the booths and the international audience." (translated to English)

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, Dr. Torsten Feldbrügge, Head of Energy Department

"As a filling station operator and service provider for the cooperative petrol station business, we receive many new and innovative ideas at UNITI expo and maintain our network in the petrol station segment." (translated to English)

Alfred Kärcher GmbH &Co. KG, Markus Asch, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Vice Chairman of the Management Board

"UNITI expo has developed excellently, for us it is the absolute number one for everything that has to do with petrol stations. We are especially impressed with the quality of the visitors. A great platform and opportunity for us." (translated to English)

Aral Aktiengesellschaft, Patrick Wendeler, Chairman of the Board

"As Aral, we see UNITI expo as one, if not the leading, retail petroleum trade fair in Germany and Europe. For us an excellent opportunity to present ourselves to interested business partners and suppliers." (translated to English)

AVIA AG, Holger Mark, Chairman

"UNITI expo is an outstanding trade fair in the petrol station sector. We as AVIA are here for the third time and appreciate that many contacts are possible, that innovations are shown and you can only congratulate UNITI on the organization of this leading trade fair." (translated to English)

BALEV CORPORATION, Brigita Printsova, Sales Manager

"We are really happy with the whole organization because we can meet the right partners at this show. We are for sure planning to attend the exhibition in 2020."


"UNITI expo in Stuttgart is an important event and valuable platform for us to look for global partners and to grow together with our partners."

BiCA AG (Lantzerath-Group), Stefan Gübeli, Executive Board

"UNITI expo is the most important trade fair in the forecourt equipment sector for us as the Lantzerath-BiCA. Especially because this is our home market, because we are at home here and we meet our customers like at a family reunion. For us as a family business, it is important to be at UNITI expo continously." (translated to English)

BRUGG Rohrsysteme GmbH, Thomas Ochmann, Sales Manager Industry/Petrol Stations:

"For BRUGG Rohrsysteme, the participation at the leading trade fair for international tank systems is very very important. In recent years the international audience has increased." (translated to English)

Bundesverband Tankstellen und Gewerbliche Autowäsche Deutschland e.V., Joachim Jäckel, Chairman

"Another great event with great exhibitors. Excellently positioned for professionals. A bliss for our members to go through the halls." (translated to English)

Carstens Shop-Einrichtungen Handelsgesellschaft mbH, Sylvia Reyers, Managing Partner

"The fair was very well visited, we are very satisfied and will certainly attend again next time." (translated to English)

Coca-Cola European Partners Deutschland GmbH, Martin Kiefer, National Key Account Manager

"UNITI expo is a very important platform for Coca-Cola and our brands to present our innovations and ourselves. We see this as a successful platform to meet our customers." (translated to English)

Deutsche Tamoil GmbH, Carsten Pohl, CEO

"If you want to win the customers of tomorrow, you have to be there today, where the future will be made. And that's why I'm here at the UNITI expo. Take a look around, so much concentrated international know-how around all facets of the petrol station industry, you will find nowhere else in Europe." (translated to English)

Dover Fueling Solutions, Brad Schumacher, VP Global Strategic Accounts & Marketing

"We have had a great week, a lot of our key customers have come here and a lot of our channel partners have come here."

EDEKA Food Service, Marko G. Unger, Sales Manager Convenience

"For us, it is the leading trade fair for convenience and petrol stations. The trade  fair has been very successful for us, we have received very very positive feedback from our customers about our innovative shop concepts. See you again at UNITI expo 2020!" (translated to English)

ELAFLEX HIBY Tanktechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Kunter, CEO

"We had a huge response in the first few hours and minutes. Many many visitors and an international audience." (translated to English)

Elaflex Lateinamerika, Frank de Poli, Director

"Amazing show, amazing organization, one of the best trade shows I have ever attended. We will be back."

eni deutschland, Bernd Höfer, Head of Sales Region South

"Great event, the UNITI expo in Stuttgart, the leading trade fair of the retail petroleum industry in Germany. We were here for the third time, very happy to be there and look back on three successful days. We look forward to 2020, when we can say again: UNITI expo in Stuttgart." (translated to English)

FAVAGROSSA EDOARDO S.r.l., Giovanni Favagrossa, Sales Manager

"For FAVAGROSSA the UNITI expo has been a very successful show. It has been an important opportunity for us to showcase our full range of brushes for car wash machine and to present our new solutions. We had a lot of international visitors and we have seen their interest in our products and in our novelties. We are highly satisfied of this big success."

FORES, Mattias Goldmann, CEO

“We are very excited about this show, we had very interesting days, all three days were very good. We really look forward to coming back in two years.”

Friedrich Scharr KG, Rainer Scharr, Managing Partner

"The third UNITI expo we attended was, from our point of view, again a great success. Bigger, better, more international than two years ago. The event is an absolute must for us." (translated to English)

Gilbarco Veeder-Root, Dave Coombe, European MD

“The UNITI expo 2018 for Gilbarco Veeder-Root has been absolutely fantastic this year. We had a huge range of customers coming through the gates here, both international customers and European customers and it has just been a tremendous event.”

H2 MOBILITY Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Sybille Riepe, Communications Manager

"UNITI expo is very important to us because it's where we meet the people who work in the sector. Because we talk to tenant families here, because we can talk to other suppliers and because we are visible in the scene. Hydrogen mobility is coming and we need UNITI expo as our supporting network." (translated to English)

HACK AG, Peter Hack, Owner

"We are happy, we are very satisfied, especially with the number of visitors who were here, who we were also able to cater for. We received a very positive feedback from our customers and guests." (translated to English)

HEINRICH STRACKE GmbH, Andreas Strömer, Managing Partner

"We as STRACKE, have been accompanying every UNITI expo so far and will also be present at the next UNITI expo. The stage that we are offered here for our innovations and the dialogue with all the guests is a lot of fun." (translated to English)

ISTOBAL, S.A., Rafael Tomás Alfaro, CEO Corporate Sales and Development

„Lots of interested visitors. The quality of the visitors is very good, but also the amount of them.”

J. Knittel Söhne Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH (AVIA Partner), Dipl.-Kfm. Udo Weber, CEO

"What fascinates me is the versatility here, the holistic way in which the industry is reflected. The creative solutions, which above all offer foreign exhibitors, which we would normally not meet as medium-sized companies, and here we have the chance to do so." (translated to English)

Koch-Chemie GmbH, Dipl.-Betriebswirt Matthias Roth, Head of Marketing

"UNITI expo is a really interesting trade fair for Koch-Chemie, with customers from all over Germany coming here every two years. It is also very interesting for our international growth." (translated to English)


“The UNITI show was A+. It’s a great springboard to build our brand in Europe and secure partner and customer opportunities for our wetstock, testing and cleaning technologies. On a global scale Bruno and his team are among the best to help us optimise our trade show investment.”

Lekkerland Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Wolfgang Cezane, Director Regional MOC

"UNITI expo shows that the industry does not have to hide from new competitors, whether they are bakery chains, whether they are system caterers or even supermarkets." (translated to English)

Maier & Korduletsch Energie GmbH, Alexander Maier, Managing Partner

"I'm very excited about the performance we're delivering here. I see this as the biggest trade fair ever for this industry. It's a network that has formed here over the years." (translated to English)

MTS MarkenTechnikService GmbH Co. KG, Andreas Denert, Sales Manager Retail Trade

"We are very excited about the many many contacts we already had there and also the new contacts we made." (translated to English)

NSI GmbH, Necip Yilmaz, Managing Director

"For us as NSI, UNITI expo is the perfect platform to present our products and services. We were very happy to be here and the fair was a complete success for us." (translated to English)

OEST Group, Alexander Klein, Chairman of the Executive Board

"We have experienced the development here at UNITI expo from the very beginning. The fair is informal, but very top-class." (translated to English)

OPW, Kevin Long, President

“We were very excited to be part of UNITI expo 2018 show, it has been a great couple of days for us.”

ORLEN Deutschland, Ralf Krohn, Senior Manager Retail Fuels

"We took the opportunity to introduce our new shop format at the UNITI expo and were also able to make wonderful contacts for our expansion plans to the south. I believe I can promise that we will certainly be back in 2020." (translated to English)

Otto Christ AG, Alexander Christ, Chairman

"In a nutshell, we had a great show, great, interesting visitors, and many requests. The fair was a great success for us. We will certainly be back in 2020 and are happy to attend with our products again." (translated to English)

PDI, Jürgen Spanuth, Managing Director, VP Product Development

"The trade fair here in Stuttgart is a good, no, the best place for us to present our product diversity and our services." (translated to English)

PDQ Vehicle Wash Systems, Rob Lewis, International Sales Manager

“It has been a great show for us this year, we have been here at UNITI expo for the second time. We have met with a lot of existing customers and met some new distributor candidates.”

Petrotec Group, Nuno Cabral, CEO

„We are here presenting our new products, our new releases. The feedback couldn’t be better from our clients, they are really excited with the products we are presenting here at our stand. We are really positive for the future!”

PWM GmbH & Co. KG, Dr. Max F. Krawinkel, CEO

"For us, UNITI expo is the most important international trade fair." (translated to English)


"Really good fair, greatly organized, fits perfectly for me and our company." (translated to English)


"As one of the largest independent lubricant manufacturers in Germany, we have also been a member of the UNITI Bundesverband for many years and also have our own booth here at the trade fair. We are very pleased that this fair is enjoying such a positive development." (translated to English)

Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH, Jörg M. Heilingbrunner, CEO

"We as Scheidt & Bachmann are very happy to have been here at the trade fair in Stuttgart. For us, this is the leading trade fair in Europe. We are very satisfied with the response, the number of visitors and the quality of the discussions. We will certainly be back in 2020." (translated to English)

SCORE-Tankstellen und Mineralölhandels-GmbH, Heide Schulte-Hartmann, Authorized Officer

"I think UNITI expo is very interesting. In my opinion, the trade fair has developed very positively and you can pick up many ideas and innovations." (translated to English)

Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH, Peter Muschick, National Sales Manager Retail Branded Wholesale

"UNITI expo has become the relevant international trade fair for the sector. We had three really great days. We had great talks, made good, new contacts and found innovative ideas here. Great that we could be here, was really fun." (translated to English)

SONAX GmbH, Patrick Ginster, Verkaufsleitung Tankstellen/ Carwash, Key Account Manager International

"We are very excited about the UNITI expo 2018. The internationality has increased in comparison to UNITI expo 2016, not only in the technology sector, but also in the convenience shop area. We are very happy and made a lot of nice contacts. We are looking forward to coming back in 2020." (translated to English)

Sonny's Enterprises, Robert Picard, Catalog & Business Development

"UNITI expo has been a very good way to introduce our product to the European market. We are looking forward to coming back in 2020."

TATSUNO CORPORATION, Hiromichi Tatsuno, President

"UNITI expo is the ideal opportunity for us to introduce ourselves. We enjoy this event very much."

team energie GmbH & Co. KG, Volker Behn, Managing Director

"UNITI expo has developed very well. We use this event as an excellent platform to network, to visit our colleagues in the industry and of course the numerous exhibitors to provide us with all the news about the petrol station business." (translated to English)

TESSOL Kraftstoffe, Mineralöle und Tankanlagen GmbH, Hubert Bauer, CEO

"It's very nice that both the provider and the retail petroleum industry have their names and ranks - from the technology providers, software providers - but also customers are represented here, and our petrol station partners are happy to take this opportunity. It's a great event and we're happy to be here every two years." (translated to English)

Total Deutschland GmbH, Burkhard Reuss, Head of Communications and PR

"Total has been present at UNITI expo right from the start and we have never regretted it, because UNITI expo is a great platform to develop and maintain contacts with the German medium-sized petrol stations." (translated to English)

Visitor, graduate engineer Mario Raul Valdez Veliz

"It’s a chance to meet our deliverers and partners all at once. We can discuss new opportunities and new products coming. It’s a chance to meet a lot of key people in the business. I come here for the new news – what is coming to the market."

Visitor, Julin Chiu, Business Development Director at International Currency Technologies Corp. ICT-Europe GmbH

"I came here to look for new business opportunities because many of my customers are also here. This is my first time but it is above my expectation."

WashTec AG, Stephan Weber, Chairman, Sales and Marketing

"For WashTec, UNITI expo has emerged as reference and as the leading trade fair for our industry, especially for the Central European market. We are also cooperation partner of UNITI expo, which shows how important this event is for us. We look forward to the fair in two years, in 2020, and will of course be back." (translated to English)

Westfalen AG, Wolfgang Fritsch-Albert, Chairman of the Board

"You can not measure a trade fair, but I think that's not the case here. Here it is worthwhile to come. With 467 exhibitors from 37 countries not only hardware, software and convenience innovations are shown, but also the human side comes into play here." (translated to English)

Impressions of UNITI expo 2018