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Interview with Bruno Boroewitsch of com-a-tec: "Still space for last-minute fuel logistics exhibitors"

For the next UNITI expo, that will take place 14 to 16 of June 2016 in Stuttgart, the organizers have made a special effort to develop the area of fuel logistics, which are essential to the development and operation of any modern petrol station. Co-organizer Bruno Boroewitsch, CEO of com-a-tec, offers an insight into the planning of the exhibition and the benefits it poses for exhibitors.

Mr Boroewitsch, how important is the fuel logistics area for UNITI expo?

Bruno Boroewitsch: As the leading European trade fair for the retail petroleum and car wash sectors, our aim is to cover all areas relevant to the successful operation of petrol stations. Inevitably, that also includes fuel logistics. The supply of traditional and alternative fuels to petrol stations is a core part of the business that must be dealt with in a safe, reliable and economic manner.

What products and services belong to the fuel logistics area?

From planning and scheduling to the physical delivery – the entire spectrum. This includes:

  • Software solutions and systems for planning, scheduling and optimisation
  • Systems for delivery, measurement, billing, processing and security
  • Transport and on-site storage solutions such as tankers, trailers, tractors and mobile tanks
  • Fuel suppliers offering comprehensive transportation and logistics services to petrol station operators and oil companies

What about alternative fuels?

As a key part of the industry's future, alternative fuels will be very present at UNITI expo. Gaseous fuels, which are on the rise all around the world, require very strict technical standards during transport and handling. Think about compressed and liquefied natural gas or hydrogen. This is an extremely innovative area for which UNITI expo is an ideal platform to learn and share information. There is also the case of AdBlue. The transportation and storage of ADBlue is again something for which every petrol station operator will need a solution. These solutions can be found at UNITI expo.

What kind of visitors can be expected by exhibitors of the transportation and logistics area?

If we take a look at the 11,000 UNITI expo visitors we welcomed in Stuttgart in 2014, it was a top-class mixture of professionals from 92 countries. German SME's were represented, as well as all active oil companies and petrol station operators from Europe and many from Middle East and Africa. We saw many technical teams that set the tone for key investments.

For 2016 we have strengthened the worldwide visitor marketing, placed a VIP programme for top decision makers and we are inviting logistics managers from oil companies. For the first time, we have specifically targeted fuel forwarders, both as exhibitors and visitors.

Is there still enough space for logistics and transport companies?

That's a good question. Four months ago I would have said no. In our original plans we had already increased the exhibition space by 5,000 square meters (sqm) compared to the show in 2014 – a 20% increase. However, by autumn the technology area was almost fully booked. This has prompted us to add another hall, extending the technology area to up to 10,000 sqm. This is hall 5 where we plan a separate themed area for transport and logistics with enough space for tankers, which are known to require quite a lot of space.

Talking about a lot of space – is the space rental very expensive?

As the industry's leading exhibition in Europe, with one of the continent's most modern exhibition centers, global visitor marketing campaigns, free conferences, VIP programme, free visitor catering and many other services, the square meter footprint obviously costs slightly more than that of some national and regional events. However, the price for UNITI expo is totally worth it. Otherwise, we would not have almost every exhibitor from 2014 returning this year. Furthermore, we have a lot of new exhibitors which participate on the basis of recommendations.

Nevertheless, seeing the high demand for space for fuel vehicles, we offer a flat rate of EUR 5,000 per vehicle parking space for trailers, with or without tractors.

Are there any special offers for transport and logistics exhibitors?

Yes, for fuel forwarders. First of all we thought about this target group only as visitors. Only after multiple enquiries from international oil companies, as well as medium-sized petrol station operators, we decided to integrate this important service in the UNITI expo exhibitor offer. A special introductory offer at half price should now help us get as many participants as possible in the remaining time.

Will the topic transport and logistics also play a role in the seminars programme?

We try to cover as many areas of interest as possible in our seminars programme. Of course we are happy to include the topic transport and logistics too. Together with representatives from the industry we even thought about a whole presentation series for the transport and logistics area. We will make a decision shortly and will of course communicate it to the Brennstoffspiegel readers.

Mr Boroewitsch, is there anything left you would like to share with the Brensstoffspiegel readers?

Thank you for this offer. I highly recommend anyone who offers products and services to petrol stations to exhibit at UNITI expo. There is no better and more efficient way to meet the entire national and international petrol station industry. Your readers may also call me directly. I will take the time to provide first-hand information. Anyway, I am looking forward to an excellent UNITI expo 2016 and to seeing any reader of Brennstoffspiegel + Mineralölrundschau – whether as exhibitor or visitor!

This interview was conducted by the editors of Brennstoffspiegel.

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