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UNITI expo 14 review

The inaugural UNITI expo 14 took place from 3-5 June 2014 in Stuttgart, Germany and attendance figures have now been released by event organizers UNITI-Kraftstoff GmbH.

Total visits were in excess of 11,000, being the daily totals combined for 3, 4 and 5 June. With exhibitors included, the number of people in the halls over the three days was in excess of 14,000.

A more detailed analysis of the attendance, including a visitor breakdown by geographic regions, type of companies represented and job functions will be published soon on the event’s website, after the evaluation of the manual on-site registrations has been completed. The online pre-registrations show a share of approximately 35% international visitors coming from over 90 countries. 344 exhibitors from 29 countries showcased their products  and services at this inaugural event, covering all relevant sectors of modern petrol stations.

The organizers will soon announce the opening of the booking facility for UNITI expo 2016.

Visitors and exhibitors Statements

Visitor, Julin Chiu, Business Development Director at International Currency Technologies Corp. ICT-Europe GmbH

"I came here to look for new business opportunities because many of my customers are also here. This is my first time but it is above my expectation."

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