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UNITI expo unites the industry – with 200 exhibitors signed up

The first UNITI expo steering committee took place in Berlin, Germany, with representatives from all sectors of the event taking part. During the four hour meeting, delegates discussed visitor marketing activities, outlined details of how exhibitors can work together with the organisers to create effective promotional campaigns and worked on interesting conference topics.

Bruno Boroewitsch, CEO of com-a-tec GmbH, jointly responsible for the international Sales and Marketing of UNITI expo, together with McLean Communications, commented “It was a good start but there is a long way to go and these meetings are fundamental to the success of the show. We were delighted that CECOD, the association representing all the major European equipment suppliers, was able to send representatives and we very much look forward to the next sitting”.

The APEA ('The Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration') has also voted at a recent board meeting to support UNITI expo and will nominate speakers to talk at the UNITI expo conference and have a booth at the event to accommodate its members, many of whom are expected to attend.

Visitors and exhibitors Statements

BALEV CORPORATION, Brigita Printsova, Sales Manager

"We are really happy with the whole organization because we can meet the right partners at this show. We are for sure planning to attend the exhibition in 2020."

Impressions of UNITI expo 2018